About Us


About Us

All Grown Up helps parents and teen girls celebrate the process of becoming a woman!

All Grown Up (AGU) is one part educational resource and one part practical toolkit. Our goal is simple—to transform a girl’s experience of puberty from something that is awkward and embarrassing to something that is celebrated and empowering. We do that not by usurping the natural role of her parent or guardian, but by giving them the necessary tools to walk the journey with her.

The foundation of our program is an effective and convenient feminine hygiene kit—specifically designed to minimize embarrassment and maximize education. The AGU kits are perfect for girls who are experiencing menstruation for the first time, but they have great benefits for women of all ages.

What All Grown Up Provides for a Teen Girl

At All Grown Up, we put many resources into a young woman’s hands. We are able to help young ladies attain:

  • A better understanding of how their body functions
  • A better understanding of how to establish healthier lines of communication with their parents/guardians
  • A better understanding of menstruation, with the goal being to disband fear and confusion
  • A better understanding of womanhood, to inspire more confidence

Because the subject of menstruation is an awkward one, it is often poorly handed—or not handled at all. Because it tends to be “hush, hush,” it often carries a modicum of guilt. As such, the transition to womanhood can feel like something to be ashamed of instead of something to be celebrated. All Grown Up is eliminating these cultural barriers by offering a product that is not only functional, but is branded to positively connect with teen girls and help overcome their embarrassment. The AGU kits meet pragmatic needs and emotional needs—because All Grown Up is all about education, ease and image. We dispel the mystery to reveal the miraculous!

For anyone who has the privilege of walking a teen girl down the road to womanhood,All Grown Up can help make the experience a positive one!

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