Meet Our Team


Sherri Gsherrionzales

Founder And CEO

According to Sherri Gonzales, she’s simply a stay-at-home mom trying to make a difference. But to those that know her, she’s a woman on a mission to ensure that girls today grow into confident women tomorrow.

Gonzales is a visionary, entrepreneur, competitive athlete, and loving her to NFL linebacker DJ Williams and two daughters. In 2007, launched the brand All Grown Up (AGU) to revolutionize the way teen girls transition into womanhood.  Now, taking her mission one step further, Gonzales has developed a convenient feminine hygiene kit. Designed to reduce embarrassing moments, the “AGU kit” provides young ladies with the necessary items needed for their first menstruation experience. While also benefiting women of ALL ages during their cycle, the “AGU kit” provides parents, guardians and teachers with a tool to educate girls about their bodies and the exciting changes happening  in this new stage of life.

The middle child of three, Gonzales was born in Sacramento, California to a teenage mother. She and her siblings were raised by their stepmother and grandmother but able to see their

mother on weekends. While growing up and into her body, her step-mom eventually explained what a pad was and how to use it, but her grandmother, whom she lived with full time by age 15,never had those kind of conversations with her and therefore Gonzales remembers not having enough information to prepare her for such a life changing experience.

It’s why, now, Gonzales and her team are dedicated to developing a brand that changes the way our culture acknowledges this new entry into womanhood.Gonzales is currently working on making “AGU kits” available to troubled teens through non-profit and government funded organizations across the country.

Gonzales lives in Denver, Colorado with her two daughters and enjoys traveling to watch her son’s NFL games and activities with her daughters. She has instilled the importance of giving back to her kids and is grateful for what life has granted her. For years Gonzales has teamed up with a local radio station to provide Christmas gifts for the homeless. She has sponsored kids to help them when they go off to college and supports cheerleading groups by helping them with equipment, uniforms and going to camp.


josiahJosiah Gonzales

Creative Director

Josiah Gonzales is an illustrator, painter, sculptor, designer and Creative Director at All Grown Up. Josiah’s love for design started at a young age when he would sketch letterforms and logos for classmates. Josiah’s passions grew into street calligraphy and fine art painting, later he began design projects and commissioned paintings for local clients.

Josiah grew up in Sacramento, California before he moved to the Bay Area to attend the Art Institute of California – San Francisco in 2005. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 2008, Josiah has continued designing for various clients. He enjoys manifesting people’s abstract ideas into the physical world with illustrations, design and typography. Sherri Gonzales approached Josiah in 2009 with her vision of All Grown Up. Josiah was in awe of Sherri’s mission and the two have been working together ever since.


To see some of Josiah’s other projects:


Affiliate Organizations

Star Girlz Empowerment

STAR Girlz Empowerment nurture’s positive change in the lives of high-risk middle and older adolescent girls, ages 13-19.  Our organization will be empowering them with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to achieve their full potential, mentoring, and offering behavioral guidance classes that will give each girl a healthy start back into society and their future.

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